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“Mirror, Mirror,“ first romance novel of “The Fat Fairy Tales” trilogy by Katherine Noll, debuts about plus-size woman finding love and renewal

Love Fairy Tales? Well check out this Classic Fairy Tale Re-told with some twists and a few curves!

Mirror Mirror by Katherine Noll

“Mirror, Mirror,” a scintillatingly riveting romance novel about a plus-sized  woman’s struggle to build self-esteem, find love and elude mobsters, hits book stores and online outlets this November as the first work of author Katherine Noll’s “The Fat Fairy Tales” trilogy, announced publisher Red Sky Presents.

“I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life,” said author Noll. “As a child, it left me feeling like I could not have the prince or the fairy tale. That world was for someone else, not me. As an adult, I’ve come to realize that the greatest happily ever after anyone can have is self-love. This inspired me to rewrite classic fairy tales to include women like me and share these feelings in a way that is entertaining, fun, exciting and thought provoking. By writing this series, I was able to finally express the fairy tale within myself. My greatest hope is that readers of ‘The Fat Fairy Tales’ will be inspired to do the same.”

Kirkus Reviews, the nation’s leading prepublications journal of book reviews, wrote that Katherine Noll’s “Mirror, Mirror” is:  “A feel-good fairy tale about a full-figured woman pursuing her dreams… An easy, escapist fantasy tied up with a happy ending.”  The magazine, published twice a month and online at Kirkus Reviews, added, “Noll conscientiously creates a heroine with an innocent heart and a painful past. Noll transports a classic fairy tale into the modern world with a spirit of optimism.”


Set in modern day fairy tale format, “Mirror, Mirror” is about a full-figured protagonist named Neve Bianca (Italian for Snow White), and is inspired by the famed Grimms’ fairy tale, Snow White. 

The first book of “The Fat Fairy Tales” trilogy, the fast-paced and exciting “Mirror, Mirror” follows the adventures of 24-year-old Neve, who must mature fast, overcome a lifetime of bullying about her weight and accept herself in order to find romance, adventure and resolution.

As the plot unfolds, Neve learns that vain, greedy and wicked stepmother Vania has taken time away from admiring herself in an ever-present mirror to plot against Neve’s father, teaming with gangsters to fleece her husband’s company, “Buildings By Bianca.”  Then, tensions mount as Neve becomes the target of a mob hit. 

On the run, she hides in plain sight and overcomes her shyness about her size, using her voluptuous figure to her advantage, and becoming the featured exotic dancer in a burlesque show on a traveling music festival.  Naturally talented, her sizzling dances become a hit and cause increased attention as a ruthless gossip website obtains a private photo, revealing her “au natural” with a headline reading, “Busty Burlesque Bombshell Storms the Country.” 

But when the mobsters discover the photo, Neve’s life is in danger once more.

As her adventures unfold, Neve meets many new friends who also faced difficulties of public acceptance.  Her big-hearted new best friend, Lindsey, is a little person who plays an elf in a rock show and who has endured prejudice about her size.  She also befriends lovable Doc, who is miscast as the devil in the show.  Ultimately, Neve recognizes the “princess” within herself as she finds her own Prince Charming in Taye Beck, the lead singer of the music festival’s headline act. 

In this compelling and exciting romance-adventure, Noll’s Neve Bianca evolves from shy and reserved to outgoing and confident as she gains self-esteem, finds love and invigorates her life.

In addition to “Mirror, Mirror,” which is based on a modern day Snow White tale, Noll’s “The Fat Fairy Tales” trilogy will also include upcoming books based on modern day versions of two other famed fairy tales, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

About Katherine Noll

An award-winning author, Noll has written more than 50 books for the children’s market. 

“In her ‘Fat Fairy Tales’ trilogy, which is aimed at women of all ages, Katherine Noll combines her storytelling expertise with her own experiences struggling with her weight to tell a spellbinding story that will ring true with women worldwide,” said Micky Hyman, co-founder of Red Sky Presents.