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Mirror Mirror, Book One of The Fat Fairy Tales… a new take on Snow White — complete with an attempted Mob Hit, a traveling Burlesque Show… and an oh-so-cute Rock Star! 

She has skin as white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. She’s also got curves that go on for miles! But life for Neve Bianca (that’s Snow White in Italian) isn’t easy. Her father, Vinnie, has her trapped at home, slaving away at the family business, promising she can finally finish her degree when the company is doing better. But really, business is just fine. Vinnie likes having her around because she reminds him of her mother, who was nothing like his new wife, Neve’s stepmother Vania. She’s a Prada-wearing ice queen who makes Tony Soprano look like Santa Claus.

Mirror Mirror by Katherine Noll

When Neve’s father dies, she learns a little too much about the business-dealings of Vania, who’s been using Vinnie’s business to launder money for the Russian mob. Vania moves to silence Neve for good. Without any proof to bring to the authorities, Neve must flee for her life. She ends up at the Twisted Tour, a touring music festival which features alternative music and some pretty freaky side shows. She is taken in and given shelter by the tour workers, including a little person named Lindsey. Lindsey is a classically trained actress who has a hard time finding serious acting gigs because of her size. Neve can relate, and the two become fast friends.

To pay her way, Neve needs to get a job on the tour. Her self-image is so low that she actually thinks she’ll have to become the fat lady in one of the side-shows, a position usually filled by women who weigh more than 400 pounds. But her new friends see her in a much different light, and help her discover her talent for dancing. Neve ends up the star of the burlesque show and is forced to reexamine everything she has ever thought about herself.

Her sizzling hot onstage act attracts the attention of several hot guys on the tour. Neve’s head spins and heart races as she deals with being chased after by two gorgeous guys for the first time in her life. Can she trust her heart to Taye Beck, the lead singer of one of the tour’s most famous bands, even though he’s got groupies lining up for him every night? When the soulful singer gazes deep into Neve’s eyes, she melts. Or how about the handsome tour manager, Matthew Rey? He seems really interested in helping her with her new-found career, while sending shivers up her spine with the way he looks at her.

But when news of Neve’s starring role in the tour breaks, her stepmother is hot on her trail. Will Neve escape with her life? Which “prince” will she end up with? Find out in The Fat Fairytales: Mirror Mirror!

The Fat Fairytales: Mirror Mirror available now on amazon.