Red Sky Presents releases “GREEN DEVIL The Book of Belial,”
the follow-up to the critically acclaimed thriller “RED DEVIL: The Book of Satan” and the second installment in the four-part “Evil on Earth” series by best-selling author David Saperstein.

“One hell of a ride” – Kirkus Reviews

The Green Devil: The Book of Belial by David Saperstein

GREEN DEVIL: The Book of Belial, a supernatural action thriller by David Saperstein, author, screenwriter, director and creator of the Cocoon franchise, hits bookstores and online outlets this June announced publisher Red Sky Presents. GREEN DEVIL: The Book of Belial is the second book in Saperstein’s “Evil on Earth” series about the four fallen archangels: Satan (whose story is told in the first book in the series, RED DEVIL: The Book of Satan), Belial, Lucifer, and Leviathan. All, exiled by God for their rebellion over the favor shown to mankind, exist on Earth and plot to destroy humanity. In GREEN DEVIL: The Book of Belial, “the despoiler of the Earth, the polluter of the air and land” takes on the guise of mega entrepreneur Nicholas Perez who plots to poison North America with leaked radioactive waste. He is opposed by a brave Mormon-Navaho alliance aided by a secret multicultural strike force of holy men called The Vigilant, the heroes of RED DEVIL: The Book of Satan, who previously hunted down and imprisoned Satan in China.

“Once he and his evil brothers were all entombed. It was man who released them and gave them entrance to human souls. Therefore man can do it again.”

“Not while I am alive,” Peter Somoroff promised.

Kirkus Reviews, the nation’s leading prepublications journal of book reviews, wrote that David Saperstein’s GREEN DEVIL: The Book of Belial is:  “A color-coordinated supernatural action saga—told in spare characterizations and pulpy, fast moving prose….embracing all major world religions….One hell of a ride”.  The magazine, published twice a month and online at Kirkus Reviews, added, “The tale has the comic-bookish vibe of a doomsday spy caper; just substitute ecumenical clergy for 007 and give the crackling jet set supervillain and his minions power to shift shape into deadly animals.”

About GREEN DEVIL: The Book of Belial

Belial, the Green Devil is one of the four fallen evil archangels.  His goal is to obliterate God’s creation, mankind, by destroying the Earth’s environment.  He has the ability to take on the form of animals and birds, but now exists in human form as businessman Nicholas Perez, head of the Victory Development Corporation.  By catering to the greed of high-level government officials, he gains control over huge amounts of nuclear waste materials to introduce into the water supply of major cities.  Only a small, dedicated, international and diverse group of men and women known as The Vigilant, are aware of the archangel’s existence.  They alone stand between Belial’s evil plan and the salvation of the planet.

About David Saperstein

An award-winning and best-selling author, Saperstein has written eleven novels including The Cocoon Trilogy (Cocoon, Metamorphosis: The Cocoon Story Continues, and Butterfly: Tomorrow’s Children) and Snatched, which is soon to be released by Simon and Schuster. In addition, Saperstein wrote the original story for the 1985 Ron Howard film, Cocoon which won two Academy Awards.

“In his Evil on Earth series, David once again shows he is the consummate storyteller taking the reader on an action-packed, spellbinding adventure that is not only exciting but thought provoking as well”, said Micky Hyman, co-founder of Red Sky Presents.