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Interview with Author: Katherine Noll 

In a previous post, you gave us insight into what led the the writing of Mirror Mirror, Book One of The Fat Fairy Tales. Tell us more about the similarities and differences a in your novel and the classic snow white fairytale?  

There are many similarities in both novels. In the classic fairy tale Snow White, the heroine had “lips as red as a rose, hair black as ebony, skin as white as snow.”  In Mirror, Mirror, Neve Bianca has the same, but she also has a very curvy body. A shy, sweet young woman, she was often bullied about her weight growing up.

Neve Bianca means Snow White in Italian.

In the original, Snow White’s stepmother is so jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty that she plots to have her murdered. In my story, Neve uncovers her stepmother Vania’s illegal, mob-related activities. In order to silence Neve, Vania orders one of her associates to kill her. But like in the original fairy tale, Alek can’t go through with it. He drops Neve off in a deserted location and tells her to run for life and to never return home, or Vania will have her killed.

While Snow White found refuge in a cottage in the woods, Neve ended up at a touring music festival:  The Twisted Tour. Snow White was befriended by the owners of the cottage, seven dwarfs, who took her in and gave her a safe place to stay. Her first night at the festival, Neve meets Lindsey, a little person who worked on the tour.  Lindsey offers to let Neve stay with her and to help her find a job on the tour.

While in hiding, Snow White meets a prince, while Neve meets two modern-day princes:  Taye, a rock star, and Mateo, the tour manager. When Snow White’s stepmother discovers she is alive, she tries to kill her with a poisoned apple. Neve’s stepmother slips some poison into a caramel apple.

Snow White is in a coma after eating the poisoned apple. Neve has a car accident after eating the poisoned caramel apple and is unconscious for a week. They are both awoken with a kiss from their “prince.”

There are lots of differences in novels. It’s set in modern-times. There is no magic. And while Snow White and Neve are both beautiful, Neve is a curvy girl and the classic Snow White character is slender.



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Mirror Mirror by Katherine Noll