Red Sky Presents is happy to announce the ‘arrival’ of Messy Anne in “Messy Anne Meets the Monstrosity” the first book in a beautifully illustrated children’s series by Daniel Barnhart and John Uhrich! 

Messy Anne is a little girl who makes messes. She doesn’t mean to, it’s just that she is on to the next big thing before she finishes the current thing.

Her real name is Melissa Anne, but everyone calls her “Messy”. How she got her name and what she does about it will resonate in every household with a young child. In her first adventure, with the help of her dog Elizabeth, she first meets and does battle with the Monstrosity that lives in her bedroom closet. Parents will have no problem recognizing the beast. 

Messy Anne didn't mean to be Messy, she just couldn't help it

This is the first book for the creators of “Messy Anne”, Daniel Barnhart and John Uhrich. Daniel’s wife and daughter inspired him to write “Messy Anne”. “Messy Anne is a dynamic little girl with a big imagination, says author Barnhart. “ Although she may make mistakes along the way, she will never make the same mistake twice. The series is about empowering little girls to be themselves and not be afraid to tackle and unravel problems that may come their way.”

“The Authors have created a little gem of a book that gives children joy, perspective and hope that will resonate with kids and parents everywhere” said Micky Hyman, Publisher of Red Sky Presents.

The beautifully illustrated paperback, is available today, September 28th at select bookstores and online at Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobel.com. 

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Messy Anne Meets the Monstrosity