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Interview with Author: Katherine Noll 

One of the strongest characters besides Neve Bianca in Mirror Mirror is her best friend Lindsay. She also is a little person. Did you design her to represent the seven dwarfs or was there a larger message of empowerment with your size choice?

When I was coming up with the concept of a modern-day, plus-sized, Snow White, I wondered how the seven dwarves would fit into it. Then it came to me. What if it was one little person, instead of seven, who could mirror Neve’s experiences? Lindsey dealt with bullying her entire life, and it made her strong. She refused to buy into the mean things people were saying about her. So Lindsey is really holding up a mirror to Neve’s own body image struggles. Lindsey was able to show Neve it’s okay to be different and to fight back against the people who try to make you feel bad about yourself. In some regards, though, Lindsey had grown too hard. She had a wall around her and it was keeping her from finding happiness. And that’s where she was able to learn from Neve. They both had what the other needed. I loved writing about two such different, and yet in some ways the same, women.

I’m currently writing the second book in The Fat Fairy Tales series:  The Not-So-Little Mermaid. It’s about Marina, a Jersey shore girl who has her own set of struggles. But fans of Neve and Lindsey will not be disappointed. The two are making a cameo in this book. They are just too fun to write about, I had to include them both!


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Mirror Mirror by Katherine Noll