Lawless Entertainment is pleased to announce the conclusion of a deal with Red Sky Presents on behalf of Suzy’s Zoo.

Red Sky Presents will develop and release a complete collection of eBooks and print-on-demand books based on the Little Suzy’s Zoo character set starring Witzy the live, fluffy duckling, and his friends Boof the teddy bear, Lulla the musical bunny rabbit, Patches the calico giraffe, and Ellie Funt the chenille elephant.

The Little Suzy’s Zoo books will include fun backyard adventures, lessons in letters, colors, shapes, and more targeted to preschool children. The first book is scheduled for release in February 2016.

Little Suzy's Zoo

“In this rapidly growing digital world, we are so happy to see our many books made available in this format,” says Suzy’s Zoo Creator, Suzy Spafford. “Red Sky is so innovative!”

“Red Sky Presents is extremely gratified to have been selected to bring this iconic children’s property to the eBook and print-on-demand digital market,” added Micky Hyman, the founder of Red Sky Presents. “We look forward to introducing Little Suzy’s Zoo to a whole new generation of parents and children.”

“Suzy’s Zoo has sold more than 8 million books worldwide, and we are pleased to see the brand’s continued expansion into the digital marketplace,” says Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment. “Fans old and new will adore these new ebooks!”