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On the overall message of “Sweet Tales: The Adventures of Britt the Kit,” the first in a series of books that focus on real life experiences and explore universal themes…

We need to be gentle, caring, and intuitive, have fun, learn and teach one another by example.  I’ve learned that if you want to get a point across the best way to do that is by telling a story and letting the listener learn what you want them to hear by telling the story rather than dictating ‘what to do.’  I actually think that was in the book “Women that Run with the Wolves” by Clarisa Estes Pincola.  Speaking of which, I should mention a few of the books that inspired me when writing ‘Sweet Tales’ –  “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell, “Watership Down” by Richard Adams and “Tailchaser’s Song” by Tad Williams.  I believe each of those was written to teach humans about animals and how to treat them better since most had been mistreated and misunderstood in the past.  The issue still exists today.

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Sweet Tales By: Laurie Hyman