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Interview with Author: Katherine Noll 

Did you have an alternative ending to Mirror Mirror? If it didn’t have a happy ending would the themes of the book have been as powerful?   

I made sure that the ending didn’t end with a marriage. To me, the true happiness was that Neve was able to find love for herself, as she was right at the moment. It didn’t hinge on a man, but having the attentions of a gorgeous, kind rock star sure helped build Neve’s self-esteem! (And was also super fun to write!) Being able to love herself helped open her up to someone like Taye.

Life isn’t one happy ever after. It’s always different, every day. Some days we feel like we’re living a fairy tale, others a tragedy, and most of the time it just feels mundane as we’re doing the day-to-day stuff to get by. So I wanted to keep the ending open a bit. Would Neve and Taye stay together? What did the future hold?

If there is enough interest, I’d love to continue Neve’s story one day. Life can’t always be happy, but when you start building up a strong tool kit to deal with the problems you’ll face, it can be a lot easier. So it would be interesting to visit Neve as a celebrity with a rockstar boyfriend and a famous actress friend. (I see Lindsey becoming a huge star, don’t you?) How would the limelight affect Neve? What would she want to do with her new voice if people were listening? That’s something I’ve been thinking about, and there will be a preview of what direction Neve’s life has taken in The Not-So-Little Mermaid.




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Mirror Mirror by Katherine Noll