Get your FREE Kindle Version of “Waddley Sees the World: Upside Down Under: The Adventure Begins” Friday December 11th Through Tuesday December 15th!

Happy Holidays!

As part of our #DecemberDeals promotion this month, we are happy to say that we are offering the first book in the Waddley Sees the World Series“Upside Down Under: The Adventure Begins” for FREE on KINDLE  from now until Tuesday December 15th.

About the book: Waddley, a Macaroni penguin who lives in Antarctica, has always dreamed of seeing the world! He gets his chance when he meets Lexi and Sam, two young visitors traveling with their parents, and secretly follows them back onto their ship. Delighted to see him, they tell Waddley he’s come to the right place: the ship is on a round-the-world cruise and the next stop is Australia! His dream come true, Waddley cruises into Sydney Harbor as the sky blazes with Australia Day fireworks, plays the yidaki and races around the massive rock natives call Uluru, swims with giant fish in the Great Barrier Reef, and finds himself upside down in a kangaroo’s pouch, as he — and readers — learn all about the country down under.

So if you want to follow Waddley and his friends on their first adventure together, download a copy of “Waddley Sees the World: Upside Down Under” now and let the fun begin!

Waddley Sees the World: Upside Down Under

Here’s what some of our fans are saying about the book (as seen on amazon):

“I found this to be a terrific way to introduce new countries and cultures to kids. I mean, which kid doesn’t love a penguin?” 5 Stars!

“I read it to my three-year-old grand child and she sat through the whole reading without squirming. At the same time, I was just as captivated.” 5 Stars!

“I read this to my two kids ages 5 and 9 and they both loved it! ” 5 Stars!

“Our family loved this book and wants to hear and see more adventures from Waddley! Thanks Waddley, for getting our children interested in travel, geography, and the great big world around us!” 5 Stars!

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