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Today’s “Author Talk” with David Saperstein… author of Red Devil: The Book of Satan & Green Devil: The Book of Belial

David Saperstein, author

David Saperstein

Whats the hardest thing about writing?

I don’t see it as hard. It is what I do professionally. I guess getting to the place where it is ready to find an audience – when I am completely satisfied I’ve reached that point.

Whats the easiest thing about writing?

Have the characters and circumstance that take you on an interesting, absorbing and wonderful journey.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

I’m a professional. Full time. Except when I directed a film or worked with a rock ‘n roll or R&B act. And then were those trips to “Hollywood.”

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The Green Devil: The Book of Belial by David Saperstein       Red Devil: The Book of Satan by David Saperstein