In Celebration of Today’s Release of “The Congressman’s Wife”
Author Charlene Keel Shares Some Surefire Ways of Showing the Love on Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day is the third most expensive holiday in the U.S., after Christmas and Mother’s Day, accounting for more than $17 billion every year—but we don’t care.  It’s important to us.  It reminds us to let that special someone know how much we care, and an opportunity for each of us to feel appreciated.  But in this busy world, we often let it creep up on us, with no idea what to do or get for our significant other.  Don’t worry—it’s not too late.  You can make it a holiday to remember by following seven simple steps.

  1. Serve him breakfast in bed (or coffee, tea or juice) if time is short.
  2. Send candy, champagne or flowers to her office so everyone can see how much she is loved.
  3. Don’t ask him to take out the garbage.
  4. Walk the dog (or do the dishes), even if it’s not your turn.
  5. Cook (or order out) his favorite dinner for a romantic, candlelit evening at home, or take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant.
  6. Give him or her something special. The gift is important, even if it’s a simple thing that let’s your partner know you’ve been paying attention.  It can be something like his favorite candy bar (lavishly gift-wrapped), or a sea shell or guitar pick you found together, on a gold chain or even a ribbon, for her to wear.
  7. Read to each other the love scenes in The Congressman’s Wife, and suggest the two of you enact them together!

–By Charlene Keel


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