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Today’s “Author Talk” with David Saperstein… author of Red Devil: The Book of Satan & Green Devil: The Book of Belial

David Saperstein, author

David Saperstein

Where do you see publishing going in the future?

When I had the good fortune to have first novel on the Internet, it gave me an insight as to where publishing might go. I held back publishing some of my novels, and reverted the rights of others back to me as soon as I could. That day arrived and I was able to bring any books out – new and previously published. Being in the music business, I watched CD’s, Napster and the Internet change how we buy and play music radically. E-books, the Internet, ipads, smart phones and Amazon came next and the publishing business and how we buy and read books changed radically. Currently Netflix, Amazon, wi-fi, streaming and broadband are changing the TV/Cable business radically and how and what programming we choose to watch. Movies are next. Soon when a film opens it will be available in your home on your large, hi-def screen, same day, on a worldwide basis. Years ago, in 1975, I wrote an essay about all of this titled, “Your Time, Your Station.” It appeared in a book, Woman in the Year 2000, that was derived from a series of documentaries I was commissioned to do by Prentiss-Hall, but was cancelled for lack of funding.

As the means of quality physical production becomes more available, and the venues and outlets of distribution become more becomes accessible, fewer and fewer middlemen and gatekeepers will remain to stand in the way of the creators. I see the future of publishing, music, TV, Cable and movies becoming more personal, ubiquitous fractionalized and accessible worldwide. In simple terms, I see a lot of people creating a lot of stuff and seeking an audience directly. As someone who faces the blank page every day, I think that’s great!

Which social network works best for you?

I leave that up to people who know far more than me about it. I’ve have to spend my time filling that blank page.

More short conversations with David, soon coming up!

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The Green Devil: The Book of Belial by David Saperstein       Red Devil: The Book of Satan by David Saperstein