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Today’s “Author Talk” with David Saperstein… author of Red Devil: The Book of Satan & Green Devil: The Book of Belial

David Saperstein, author

David Saperstein

How can readers discover more about you?

If my publishers don’t help them find me, and my agents don’t help me find them, and my social network folks don’t help them find me then I’ll just keep writing and pass it along to my children and grandchildren.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

First of all, understand that writing is a craft. So is painting. So is composing. Learning the craft is only accomplished by doing it. The more that you do it, the better you will get. That’s guaranteed. Don’t talk about it. Do it! The creative aspect? Who’s to say? That, I believe, can be a gift, or a lightening bolt, or serendipity.

You can buy David’s books now on amazon by clicking on the images below…

The Green Devil: The Book of Belial by David Saperstein       Red Devil: The Book of Satan by David Saperstein