Today’s “Author Talk” with Taro Meyer… Author of Emma G. Loves Boyz

Renee is depicted as a bully as well as Emma’s nemesis. What advice do you have for girls that deal with bullies like Renee?

I think it’s important to get involved in something that really, truly interests you. It gives you inner focus and lessens the bully’s power to make you feel bad about yourself. That’s kind of how Emma deals with it on a day-to-day basis. Even though she’s a little insecure, she is more focused on her writing and her friends. And of course, on Boyz3000. But sometimes, no matter what you try, bullies just keep at it and that hurts. Whether it’s Renée’s kind of bullying or cyber-bullying, talk to your parents. Even if the situation is embarrassing, talk to them. They care more about your safety and happiness than anything else.

Thanks, Taro!

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