“Sweet Tales – The Adventures of Brittany and Lace,” the second book in the Sweet Tales series by Laurie Hyman.

“An educational adventure story for young animal lovers that delivers justice where it’s deserved.” -Kirkus Reviews 

Red Sky Presents is happy to announce the release of  The Adventures of Brittany and Lace, the second offering in Laurie Hyman’s Sweet Tales series. The book is hitting book stores and online outlets today, April 18, 2016!


About “The Adventures of Brittany and Lace”

The adventure continues in this second installment of the Sweet Tales series! Told from the animals’ point of view, these three charming stories center around Britt the Kit, now a grown-up tabby cat, and a special litter of rescued kittens — Lace, our new co-star destined to be Britt’s new sister, Coco, who needs a home in NYC, Scamp and Willa.

Exploring universal themes, with lots of trouble and adventure in-between, each story is resolved with determination, love, and understanding.  When needed, humans help, along with a colorful group of friends that includes cats, dogs, coyotes, squirrels, a woodchuck, crow and fox. 

Sweet Tales – The Adventures of Brittany and Lace is the perfect chapter book or read-out-loud book for the entire family, and for animal lovers of all ages! 

And the reviews are already coming in…

Kirkus Reviews, the nation’s leading prepublications journal of book reviews, wrote that Sweet Tales – The Adventures of Brittany and Lace “subtly teaches young readers such lessons as how to approach new cats and how to be good cat owners,” adding that “the overall sense of caring, community, and responsibility for others is palpable throughout.”

Paul Fullam, author of the Wompkee series of childrens books also praised the book saying: “It is a rare and wondrous experience to fall into the pages of a children’s book, sail through the tale, and come out the other side with no child in sight except for the one in you who is grinning ear to ear from the voyage. These tales are terrific!”

“We are happy to be releasing the second book of the Sweet Tales series. These are fun, sweet stories filled with compassion, community, and cooperation that will resonate with the entire family, and animal lovers of all ages” said Micky Hyman, Red Sky Presents’ Publisher.  

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