Join Waddley, the adventurous Macaroni penguin, on his  adventure down under! 

Waddley makes friends with a Frill Necked Lizard!

Waddley, a Macaroni penguin who lives in Antarctica, has always dreamed of seeing the world! He gets his chance when he meets Lexi and Sam, and joins them on a round-the-world cruise — and the next stop is Australia! 

waddley and lizard

His dream come true, Waddley cruises into Sydney Harbor as the sky blazes with Australia Day fireworks, plays the yidaki and races around the massive rock natives call Uluru, swims with giant fish in the Great Barrier Reef, and finds himself upside down in a kangaroo’s pouch, as he — and readers — learn all about the country down under.

A Marvelous Educational Adventure Full of Fun Surprises!


waddley australia