Recipe #3 in our Exclusive Series of Gourmet Recipes by
Chef Arie Pavlou!

Gazpacho by #sexychef

This wonderful ice-cold Spanish soup, with influences from Greece, Italy and the Arab culture, may have originated with ancient Roman soldiers who carried the basics (dried bread, garlic and vinegar) with them on their military quests.  It was a great thirst quencher and they could add whatever vegetables or fruits they found along the way.  Over the centuries, it has evolved into several varieties.  It’s the perfect summer treat for lounging in the backyard while reading The Congressman’s Wife.


10 large ripe tomatoes
4 cucumbers
3 red peppers
1 onion
Fresh ground pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Chop all ingredients.  Put in large bowl.
Puree in food processor then pass through China cap.
Season with salt and fresh ground pepper.  Refrigerate.

Before serving, add a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of finely chopped cilantro.  Top with a teaspoon of burnoise of red pepper, onion and cucumber for garnish.  Serve chilled and in a chilled bowl.

“The Congressman’s Wife” by Charlene Keel and Arie Pavlou is a steamy action-packed novel about the beautiful wife of a congressman who falls for a sexy chef. 

“A spicy outing that should feed readers’ hunger for romance.”
–Kirkus Reviews  

the congressmans wife cover

About Arie Pavlou:

Arie Pavlou is a popular chef who attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and then perfected his craft at some of the top-rated Michelin restaurants in France and New York.  He has lived and worked in France, Cyprus and the U. S. and is an avid world traveler who speaks five languages. Currently Chef de Cuisine at the renowned Bridgehampton Inn in Long Island, New York, his specialties include Caramelized Baked Alaska, Winter Salad, Roast Lamb Fondue, Wild Game and Poached Pears with Mint Ice Cream.