What’s a Wallaby and Why Would He Want to Surf Anyway???

Well, wallabies are members of the kangaroo family and are found primarily in Australia and its nearby islands. They’re marsupials (pouched mammals) and are typically small-to-medium sized animals — but they have powerful hind legs and tails. They can ‘bounce’ along at high speeds and jump great distances.


So, why would a wallaby want to surf??? Well, our ‘friend’ Swamp Wallaby has lived his entire life in the vast Australian outback — but has always dreamed of living a life of adventure. When he hears about the Extreme Outback Challenge… Well you can only imagine what happens…as Swamp and his friends travel across the desert to enter the competition and surf the most EXTREME wave of all!


Can a wallaby who’s never really surfed before conquer the biggest wave of all???

Swamp Wallaby and the Big Wave

 An EXTREMELY fun book for kids of all ages!

Swamp Wallaby and the Big Wave is available now where fine books are sold

Swamp Wallaby an the Big Wave by Tracy West and John Evan Schneider