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“You need to stop fighting this. It’s bigger than both of us.”

We are happy to share the latest review of The Congressman’s Wife, this time by Stacy Dermont of the iconic Hamptons’ website, Dan’s Papers…  

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And now for the review:

Long Island author Aristodemos Pavlou is better known as “Chef Arie” to many. Few would guess that this accomplished culinarian had a trilogy of romance novels up his sleeve. But while reading The Congressman’s Wife (Red Sky Presents New York, 2016), much is revealed about this complex man.

Perhaps Pavlou is a “romantic” in the classical sense that he rejects established norms and conventions. Just this month he opened his own restaurant, Bistro Été, in the former Robert’s space in Water Mill! But, actually, his finely tuned cooking skills hew to the traditional French and Mediterranean cuisines. The mastery he brings to his work is often what sets it apart.

Why was Pavlou moved to write these books? He says, “I have so many great stories!” Quite a few strands of a rich life are tied up in this first book in the series. And the Veuve Clicquot flows like water…One might wonder if a passage like “He knew the first time he’d looked into her eyes that she was for him, that somehow she would complete him, like he’d get back a part of him he hadn’t even known was missing,” could have been inspired by his relationship with his wife Liz, whom he married in February.  You can read the entire review by clicking here…


The Congressman's Wife by Charlene Keel and Arie Pavlou

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The Congressman's Wife