#GoodReads #EnterToWin a copy of “Grand Bernie’s Bedtime Stories”



A Very Special Book Giveaway for Sweet Stories and Sweet Dreams…

We are so happy to say that we’re giving away FIVE COPIES of “Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories” via GoodReads this month.  It’s simple to enter —  just follow this link to GoodReads and click the ‘enter’ button.  You can enter between now and August 31st.  Good Luck:)

“I started spinning these magical tales for my own children, and then many years later, my children’s children. Time after time, they were mesmerized and engaged, and always asked for more! As they began growing up, one of my daughters said, ‘Dad, you have so many stories. I think other children would like to hear them.’ And that’s how this book came to be.”
-Grandpa Bernie



About “Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories”:

These 20 delightful tales are sure to help your little ones settle down and drift contentedly off to sleep. Written by a grandfather for his own kids and grandchildren, these twenty entertaining stories feature lots of talking animals including a kangaroo who teaches a pony how to jump, a little bear who wants to play baseball, a coyote who learns to fly, a falcon that takes a frog on a magical trip to Japan, and some resourceful ants who build a swimming pool so they can play as well as work. It’s full of positive images and plots that inspire creative solutions to exciting challenges. A lovely collection of read-aloud adventures the whole family will enjoy!

And if you can’t wait to win, you can buy it now on amazon.

Grandpa Bernie's Bedtime Stories, A Sweet Bargain




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