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David Saperstein: Emerging from the Cocoon

aarp article - jan 2019

David Saperstein, author of the Cocoon series, Evil on Earth, and co-author to the Christmas books, has written an article for the January issue of AARP Magazine. In it, he discusses growing older, but never slowing down; accepting the reward of retirement, but seeing it as the start of a new chapter of his life, rather than the end to a story. Check out this poignant read, and let us know your thoughts!

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Antarean space travelers return to Earth to where their once thriving settlement, on the now submerged continent we call Atlantis, had been destroyed by the impact of an asteroid.   Their mission is to retrieve and revive a unit of Antarean diplomats, cocooned in suspended animation, for future use on Earth.  They find that the planet’s humanoid inhabitants have emerged from a primitive, tribal, nomadic existence to a position of planetary dominance.

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Lost Treasures of the Heart

Architect Jonathan West is on a big project when he learns his wife, Patrice, has been unfaithful. On a fishing trip in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, he’s wondering what to do about his marriage when he sees a ghost ship. On it is a spectral woman, gazing at him with a plea in her eyes.

Jonathan buys a house on the beach near the sighting and finds an old sea chest washed up there. Its contents, which include a miniature portrait, reveal it belonged to Kate Russell, captain of the Royal Thomas, which sank in 1721.

It’s the same woman Jonathan saw on the ghost ship, and her journal describes a life of piracy. As past and present collide, he starts seeing her everywhere, waking and sleeping. With a haunting desperation, he senses she wants something from him. If he can figure out what it is and find a way to help her, he believes her spirit will finally rest.

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Rosemary Potatoes and her Three Bears is an enchanting new series from Terry and Kim Hagerty that follows charming Rosemary and her best friends Brenda, Billie, and Brutus.

Rosemary Potatoes & Her Three Bears takes young readers on the charming adventures of an imaginative little girl and her three stuffed bears. To Rosemary, Brenda, Billie and Brutus are very real (perhaps even more than she knows), and together they learn more and more about themselves and how to get along with others.

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book chapter six

Red Sky is gearing up for an exciting 2019 with new books already in the works! We are so excited to share these new titles, especially our newest children’s book, Rosemary Potatoes & Her Three Bears,  and a book to always keep you in the Christmas spirit, A Christmas PerformanceWe will also be releasing four more books from the Avalon Web of Magic series, so stay tuned for new release information.

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