Authors’ Social Media

Yes, we’re Social, so please connect with us!

Red Sky Presents
Facebook: Red Sky Presents
Twitter: @RedSkyAuthors
Pinterest: Red Sky Presents
Website: Red Sky Presents

And our Authors are Social Too:

Daniel Barnhart and John Uhrich (Messy Anne) 
Facebook: Messy Anne
Facebook: FPOEntertainment
Twitter (John Uhrich): @duckduckgorilla
Twitter (FPO Entertainment): @FPOEntertainment
Website (FPO Entertainment): The World of Messy Anne

Julie Davis Canter (Waddley Sees The World) 
Facebook: Julie Davis Canter – Author
Twitter: @Juliedcanter
Pinterest: Juliedaviscante
Personal website: Waddley Sees The World
Goodreads: Julie Davis Canter

Laurie Hyman (Sweet Tales)
Facebook: Sweet Tales
Twitter: @SweetTalesBook
Pinterest: Sweet Tales
Goodreads: Laurie Hyman

Charlene Keel (The Congressman’s Wife)
Facebook: Charlene Keel
Twitter: @CharleneKeel
Website: Charlene Keel
Goodreads: Charlene Keel good reads

Nikki Mark (Mommy Brings Home The Bacon)
Facebook: NikkiMarkAuthor
Twitter: @Nikkimarkauthor
Personal website: Mommy Brings Home The Bacon

Taro Meyer (Emma G. Loves Boyz)
Twitter: @EmmaG_LovesBoyz
Instagram: Emma.G.Loves.Boyz
Tumblr: Emma G. Loves Boyz

Katherine Noll (The Fat Fairy Tales)
Facebook: The Fat Fairy Tales
Twitter: @KatherineNoll
Pinterest: The Fat Fairy Tales
Tumblr: The Fat Fairy Tales
Storify: An Alternate Look at Classic Fairy Tales
About Me: Katherine Noll
Goodreads: Katherine Noll

David Saperstein (The Evil on Earth Series)
Facebook: David Saperstein – Author
Twitter: @D_Saperstein
Pinterest: David Saperstein
About Me: David Saperstein
Goodreads: David Saperstein
Instagram: David_Saperstein

Suzy Stafford (Suzy’s Zoo)
Facebook: Suzy’s Zoo
Twitter: @TheSuzysZoo
Website: Suzy’s Zoo
Wikipedia: Suzy Spafford

Tracey West (Swamp Wallaby and The Big Wave)
Facebook: AuthorTraceyWest
Twitter: @TraceyWestBooks
Personal website: Tracey West
Goodreads: Tracey West

Con Fullam (Welcome to Wompkee Wood)
Facebook: Wompkees

Peggy Webb (Sunday Cove)
Facebook: Author Peggy Webb
Twitter: @PeggyWebbAuthor
Personal website: Peggy Webb
Goodreads: Peggy Webb
BookBub: Peggy Webb

J. Gabriel Gates (The Tracks Trilogy)
Facebook: Jacob G. Gates
Twitter: @JGabrielGates
Personal WebsiteJ. Gabriel Gates
Instagram: @j_gabriel_gates

Paul Alexander Sangillo (The Golden Prison)
Facebook:   Paul Sangillo
Twitter:  @PaulSangillo
Instagram:  @paulsangillo

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